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pri = db.getclass('priority')
pri.create(name='9', order='1')
pri.create(name='8', order='2')
pri.create(name='7', order='3')
pri.create(name='6', order='4')
pri.create(name='5', order='5')
pri.create(name='4', order='6')
pri.create(name='3', order='7')
pri.create(name='2', order='8')
pri.create(name='1', order='9')

stat = db.getclass('status')
stat.create(name='Open', order='1')
stat.create(name='Pending', order='2')
stat.create(name='Closed', order='3')
stat.create(name='Deleted', order='4')
# create the two default users
user = db.getclass('user')
user.create(username="admin", password=adminpw,
    address=admin_email, roles='Admin')
user.create(username="anonymous", roles='Anonymous')

# add any additional database creation steps here - but only if you
# haven't initialised the database with the admin "initialise" command

# vim: set filetype=python sts=4 sw=4 et si
#SHA: b1da2e72a7fe9f26086f243eb744135b085101d9
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