bugs.python.org / scripts / initrietveld

# Create Rietveld users and issues
import rietveldreactor
import roundup.instance
tracker = roundup.instance.open('.')
db = tracker.open('admin')

# Need to widen username, as some roundup names are too long
widen_username = """
alter table auth_user add username2 varchar(50);
update auth_user set username2=username;
alter table auth_user drop username;
alter table auth_user add username varchar(50);
update auth_user set username=username2;

c = db.cursor
for userid in db.user.getnodeids():
    c.execute("select count(*) from auth_user where id=%s", (userid,))
    if c.fetchone()[0] == 1:
    rietveldreactor.create_django_user(db, db.user, userid, None)
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