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<tal:block metal:use-macro="templates/page/macros/icing">
<title metal:fill-slot="head_title" i18n:translate=""
 ><span tal:replace="python:context._classname.capitalize()"
 i18n:name="class" /> editing - <span i18n:name="tracker"
 tal:replace="config/TRACKER_NAME" /></title>
<tal:block metal:fill-slot="body_title" i18n:translate=""
 ><span tal:replace="python:context._classname.capitalize()"
 i18n:name="class" /> editing</tal:block>

<td class="content" metal:fill-slot="content">

<span tal:condition="python:not (context.is_view_ok() or context.is_edit_ok()
 or request.user.hasRole('Anonymous'))"
 tal:omit-tag="python:1" i18n:translate=""
>You are not allowed to view this page.</span>

<span tal:condition="python:not (context.is_view_ok() or context.is_edit_ok())
 and request.user.hasRole('Anonymous')"
 tal:omit-tag="python:1" i18n:translate=""
>Please login with your username and password.</span>

<tal:block tal:condition="context/is_edit_ok">
<tal:block i18n:translate="">
<p class="form-help">
 You may edit the contents of the
 <span tal:replace="request/classname" i18n:name="classname"/>
 class using this form. Commas, newlines and double quotes (") must be
 handled delicately. You may include commas and newlines by enclosing the
 values in double-quotes ("). Double quotes themselves must be quoted by
 doubling ("").

<p class="form-help">
 Multilink properties have their multiple values colon (":") separated
 (... ,"one:two:three", ...)

<p class="form-help">
 Remove entries by deleting their line. Add new entries by appending
 them to the table - put an X in the id column. If you wish to restore a
 removed item and you know its id then just put that id in the id column.
<form onSubmit="return submit_once()" method="POST"
      tal:attributes="action context/designator">
<textarea rows="15" style="width:90%" name="rows" tal:content="context/csv"></textarea>
<input type="hidden" name="@action" value="editCSV">
<input type="submit" value="Edit Items" i18n:attributes="value">

<table tal:condition="context/is_only_view_ok" width="100%" class="list">
  <th tal:repeat="property context/propnames" tal:content="property">&nbsp;</th>
 <tal:block repeat="item context/list">
 <tr tal:condition="item/is_view_ok"
     tal:attributes="class python:['normal', 'alt'][repeat['item'].index%6/3]">
  <td tal:repeat="property context/propnames"
   tal:content="python: item[property] or default"