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# This script changes all references to one user to point to a
# different. Useful if the user has several accounts which he 
# doesn't need anymore.

import sys
import roundup.instance
from roundup.hyperdb import Link, Multilink

if len(sys.argv) != 3:
    print "Usage: adjust_user old new"
    raise SystemExit
old, new = sys.argv[1:]

tracker ='.')
db ='admin')

old = db.user.lookup(old)
new = db.user.lookup(new)

references = [] # class, prop
for klass in db.getclasses():
    klass = db.getclass(klass)
    for name, typ in klass.getprops().items():
        if isinstance(typ, (Link, Multilink)) and typ.classname=='user':
            references.append((klass, name))
for klass, name in references:
    for id in klass.find(**{name:old}):
        v = klass.get(id, name)
        if isinstance(v, list):
            # Multilink
            for i in range(len(v)):
                if v[i] == old:
                    v[i] = new
            # col:(add, remove)
            multilink_changes = {name:([new],[old])}
            # Link
            v = new
            multilink_changes = {}
        db.setnode(klass.classname, id, {name: v}, multilink_changes)