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edl...@26cce582-e6ba-44bf-b3dd-dff0d0f4b894  committed 0860ca5

Fixed 2 typos, which were preventing source code from being generated.
(s.f. bug report #1459361, submitted by Wesley Augur)

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File epydoc/src/epydoc/docwriter/html.py

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         """How should inheritance be displayed?  'listed', 'included',
         or 'grouped'"""
-        self._incl_sourcecode = kwargs.get('include_soucre_code', True)
+        self._incl_sourcecode = kwargs.get('include_source_code', True)
         """Should pages be generated for source code of modules?"""
         self._mark_docstrings = kwargs.get('mark_docstrings', False)

File epydoc/src/epydoc/util.py

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 def is_src_filename(filename):
     if not isinstance(filename, basestring): return False
-    return os.path.splitext(filename) in PY_SRC_EXTENSIONS
+    return os.path.splitext(filename)[1] in PY_SRC_EXTENSIONS
 def is_package_dir(dirname):