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anatoly techtonik  committed eaea8fc

INFO log level is 20

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     only includes your operating system capability (X11, WIN or OSX) and
-    Specify the minimum log level to write (defaults to 10: info)
+    Specify the minimum log level to write (defaults to 20: info)
     Specify log file to write to (defaults to "pyglet.%d.log")
     op.add_option('--capabilities', help='selected test capabilities',
     op.add_option('--log-level', help='verbosity of logging',
-        default=10, type='int')
+        default=20, type='int')
     op.add_option('--log-file', help='log to FILE', metavar='FILE', 
     op.add_option('--regression-path', metavar='DIR', default=regressions_path,