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Hello, welcome to Focus' bug tracking system.

Sending in a bug report is as easy as filling up the form below.

Title : Please give a clear title, this is all I see when I look at the list of all Bugs.

Description : Of course I need this to be as clear as possible so that I can reproduce and fix your bug. Please also add your device name, Android version and ROM name (if applicable).

Assignee : This should always be Mike Wallace

Kind : Please feel free to specify if this is a bug or a feature request (proposal)

Priority : I will set this myself, leave it at 'major' for now.

Attachments : If you can provide a screen shot that would be super!

If you are not a BitBucket member, then please leave your name (and email address) or your G+ address so that I can contact you when the bug is fixed or for more information.

Thank you very much for taking the time to give me some feedback!


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