beamer / INSTALL

Till Tantau a96b744 

1. Installing the beamer class:

Put beamer.cls, *.sty, and beamericon* in a directory pointed to by 
the TEXINPUTS variable. If you have not specified the TEXINPUT
variable, specify something like ".:" or ".:/home/tex:". Do not forget
to place a colon at the end (corresponding to an empty path), which
will include all standard directories.

Alternatively, put the files in a texmf tree, for example at
texmf/tex/latex/macros/contrib/beamer and run mktexlsr. 

You will also need the pgf package. 

You can test whether your installation works, by trying to run pdflatex
on the file beamerexample.tex.

2. License

The beamer class is free software. It is distributed under the LaTeX
Project Public License, Version 1.2,

3. Bugs, suggestions, contact with the authors

Currently, please report bugs, suggestions, or new themes to 
Till Tantau <>. 
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