beamer / TODO

Vedran Miletić 0706bb3 

ToDo list

* Some commands for creating a lecture title page.
* Make \label work accross lectures.
* Perhaps add an way of showing photos of the authors and the institutes in a convenient way.
* Add more artwork.
* Add an faq section to users guide.
* Add miniframes and list of frames.
* Add commands for creating toc entries without nav entries.
* Make beamer compatible with bibentry.
* Make beamer compatible with caption package.
* Make beamer compatible with acrotex.
* Make beamer work with biblatex in a nicer way.
* Make beamer more compatible with XeLaTeX.
* Make label= create a special label for the last slide of a frame.
* Perhaps add the option of creating "slide labels" for overlay specs.
* Add options for absolute and relative positioning the logo.
* Make \part create entries in toc, if desired.
* Add poster support. Maybe even contact beamerposter authors about integrating it with beamer.
* Make beamer compatible with ntheorem.
* Reset color mixing after group.
* Show short forms of (sub)sections on notes.
* Add debug mode for finding errors more easily in TeX and LyX.
* Throw away textpos boxes after suppressed pages.
* Make pgfpages work together with everyshipout.
* Make \emph work inside \section commands.
* Make all strings use translator and extend translator if necessary.
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