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 1) Some commands for creating a lecture title page.
 2) Perhaps add an way of showing photos of the authors and the
    institutes in a convenient way.
 3) Add more artwork.
 4) Add an faq section.
 5) Add miniframes and list of frames.
 6) Add commands for creating toc entries without nav entries.
 8) Make beamer compatible with bibentry.
 9) Make beamer compatible with caption package.
10) Make beamer compatible with acrotex.
11) Make label= create a special label for the last slide of a frame.
12) Perhaps add the option of creating "slide labels" for overlay
13) Add options for absolute and relative positioning the logo.
14) Make \part create entries in toc, if desired.
15) Add poster support, 16:10 support, 16:9 support.
16) Make beamer compatible with ntheorem.
17) Reset color mixin after group.
18) Make \label work accross lectures.
19) Show short forms of (sub)sections on notes.
20) Add debug mode for finding errors more easily in TeX and LyX.
21) Throw away textpos boxes after suppressed pages.
22) Make pgfpages work together with everyshipout.
23) Make \emph work inside \section commands.