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 	- Added draft option.
 	- Fixed bug with \pause and notesonly
-	- Fixed problem with Chinese fonts in navigation bars.
+	- Added cjk option for Chinese fonts in navigation bars (broken).
+	- Added \includeslide command.
 2003-11-04 Till Tantau <>

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-  \onslide<1>
+  \onslide<1| handout:0| trans:0>
     \hfill\hyperlinkframestartnext{\beamerskipbutton{Skip proof}}
-  \onslide<2>
+  \onslide<2| handout:1| trans:1>
       Every context-free language can be accepted by a nondeterministic
       almost-overhead-free machine in polynomial time.

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File doc/beameruserguide.tex

 comments following and no leading spaces), \TeX\ is always in common
 mode. If you do not wish this to be the case, simply append a comment
 to the line.
+If you use |\input| or |\include| or a related command to include
+another file, make sure that when \TeX\ reaches the end of this file,
+it is in common mode.
   All text following this command will only be present in the article
 \subsubsection{Including Slides from the Presentation Version in the
   Article Version}