Joseph Wright committed 42a0f21

Draw 'real' content for empty linkes with XeTeX (fixes issue #136)

In an ideal world, this would be fixed in the driver or hyperref code.
However, that seems unlikely so a patch at the beamer end is the best
that can be achived.

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 \def\beamer@linkspace#1{\vbox to7.5pt{}\kern#1}
+% Due to what could be regarded as a bug in hyperref or DVIPDFm and
+% derivatives, no links are made to empty boxes with XeTeX. This is
+% fixed by drawing some 'real' content, which makes the PDF bigger!
+  \expandafter\ifx\csname XeTeXrevision\endcsname\relax
+  \expandafter\@gobble
+  \expandafter\@firstofone
+  {%
+    \def\beamer@linkspace#1{%
+      \begin{pgfpicture}{0pt}{-1.5pt}{#1}{5.5pt}
+        \pgfsetfillopacity{0}
+        \pgftext[x=0pt,y=-1.5pt]{.}
+        \pgftext[x=#1,y=5.5pt]{.}
+      \end{pgfpicture}}
+  }
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