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 Till Tantau: \emph{``Where to begin? \beamer's development depends not only on me, but on the feedback I get from other people. Many features have been implemented because someone requested them and I thought that these features would be nice to have and reasonably easy to implement. Other people have given valuable feedback on themes, on the user's guide, on features of the class, on the internals of the implementation, on special \LaTeX\ features, and on life in general. A small selection of these people includes (in no particular order and I have surely forgotten to name lots of people who really, really deserve being in this list): Carsten (for everything), Birgit (for being the first person to use \beamer\ besides me), Tux (for his silent criticism), Rolf Niepraschk (for showing me how to program \LaTeX\ correctly), Claudio Beccari (for writing part of the documentation  on font encodings), Thomas Baumann (for the emacs stuff), Stefan M\"uller (for not loosing hope), Uwe Kern (for \textsc{xcolor}), Hendri Adriaens (for \textsc{ha-prosper}), Ohura Makoto (for spotting typos). People who have contributed to the themes include Paul Gomme, Manuel Carro, and Marlon R\'egis Schmitz.''}
-Joseph Wright: \emph{``I would like to thank \dots''}
+Joseph Wright: \emph{``Thanks to Till Tantau for the huge development effort in creating \beamer. Sincere thanks to Vedran Mileti\'c for taking the lead in continuing development.''}
 Vedran Mileti\'c: \emph{``First, I would like to thank Karl Berry and Sanda Buja\v ci\'c for encouragement, without which I wouldn't ever be anything but a \LaTeX\ user. I would also like to thank Ana Me\v strovi\'c, my colleague, who was excited by the prospect of using beamer for preparing class material; Mladen Bo\v cev, Ivona Frankovi\'c, Marina Rajnovi\'c, Ivana \v Sari\'c, Danijela Suboti\'c, Emma Bla\v zevi\'c and Valter Pope\v ski\'c, my students at Department of Informatics, who were the first to hear about \LaTeX, \beamer\ and how it can help in preparing class material. Last, but certainly not least, I owe a lot to Joseph Wright for developing \textsc{siunitx} and for helping develop \beamer.''}