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Joseph Wright  committed 6c3020f

Drop special treatment of first itemise spacing (fixes #78)

I'm leaving the code which allows the rest of the mechanism to work:
we don't use it with this change, but it's not entirely clear what
is really going on (there are no notes anywhere in the code).

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File base/beamerbaseframe.sty

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   \beamer@framebottomskip=0pt plus 1fill\relax%
-  \def\beamer@initfirstlineunskip{%
-    \def\beamer@firstlineitemizeunskip{%
-      \vskip-\partopsep\vskip-\topsep\vskip-\parskip%
-      \global\let\beamer@firstlineitemizeunskip=\relax}%
-    \everypar{\global\let\beamer@firstlineitemizeunskip=\relax}}
+  \def\beamer@initfirstlineunskip{}%
 \define@key{beamerframe}{b}[true]{% bottom
   \beamer@frametopskip=0pt plus 1fill\relax%