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Joseph Wright  committed 73834bc

Load accent-kerned CMSS directly (fixes issue #213)

The sansmathaccent package delays this until \AtBeginDocument, but this
breaks the bm package.

Open question: should I fix the fact that the resulting output is upright
not slanted in bold?

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  1. Christoph Hanck

    Sorry for cross-posting (I am not sure whether posts to resolved issues still get read)

    I think I would prefer slanted---otherwise documents would differ in their looks depending on whether it is beamer class articlw, which seems bad (think slides and exercises based on these slides).

    And a stupid question: how do I "Load accent-kerned CMSS directly"?

    Something else: is it expected that bm still works for Greek letters? Consider

        $\bm{j} \quad j$\\
        $\bm{\alpha} \quad \alpha$\\

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 % Some font fixes
-  \IfFileExists{sansmathaccent.sty}
-    {\RequirePackage{sansmathaccent}}
-    {}
+  \def\@tempa{cmss}
+  \ifx\mathfamilydefault\@tempa
+    \IfFileExists{sansmathaccent.sty}
+      {\DeclareSymbolFont{pureletters}{OT1}{mathkerncmss}{m}{sl}}
+      {}
+  \fi