Joseph Wright avatar Joseph Wright committed 7e0e9b5

Allow for xkeyval keys processing (fixes #236)

The code here was slightly wrong even for keyval, as it did not restore
the apppropriate command. That is fixed, and the xkeyval error routine is also

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-  \let\beamer@origkverr\KV@err%
-  \ifx\@currext\@clsextension\let\KV@errx=\@gobble\fi% never mind
+  \let\beamer@origkverr\KV@errx%
+  \let\beamer@origxkverr\XKV@err%
+  \ifx\@currext\@clsextension\else\let\KV@errx=\@gobble\fi% never mind
+  \ifx\@currext\@clsextension\else\let\XKV@err=\@gobble\fi% never mind
-  \let\KV@err\beamer@origkverr%
+  \let\KV@errx\beamer@origkverr%
+  \let\XKV@err\beamer@origxkverr%
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