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 	- Fixed problem with Spanish style.
 	- Fixed problem with compress in beamerthemesplit
+	- Fixed bug that made beamerthemeclassic useless
+	- Fixed incompatibility with deluxetabular
+	- Fixed bug with "gray" option. Renamed to "blackandwhite".
+	- Fixed bug that caused columns in slidetop mode to be centered, 
+	  still.
 2003-11-20 Till Tantau <>
 \AtBeginDocument{\def\es@itemize#1#2#3#4{}}% fix spanish.ldf's with \itemize 
+% fix deluxetabular floats
+  \def\@plano@float@#1{\begin{table}}
+  \def\end@plano@float@{\end{table}}
 % Empty test
+  \ifbeamer@centered%    
+  \else%
+  \begin{minipage}[t]{#1}%
+  \fi%
-    \@makecaption{#1}{\ignorespaces #3}\par
+    \beamer@makecaption{#1}{\ignorespaces #3}\par
   \def\insertcaptionnumber{\csname the#1\endcsname}%

File beamerthemeclassic.sty

                                 % Mini slides in headline
-  \begin{pgfpicture}{0pt}{0pt}{0.1cm}{0.1cm}
-    \color{structure}
-    \pgfcircle[fillstroke]{\pgfpoint{\sphereradius}{\sphereradius}}{\sphereradius}%
-  \end{pgfpicture}%
-  }  
-  \begin{pgfpicture}{0pt}{0pt}{0.1cm}{0.1cm}
-    \color{structure}
-    \pgfcircle[stroke]{\pgfpoint{\sphereradius}{\sphereradius}}{\sphereradius}%
-  \end{pgfpicture}%
-  }
-  \begin{pgfpicture}{0pt}{0pt}{0.1cm}{0.1cm}
-    \color{white}
-    \pgfcircle[stroke]{\pgfpoint{\sphereradius}{\sphereradius}}{\sphereradius}%
-  \end{pgfpicture}%
-  }
                                 % Entries in table of contents

File doc/beameruserguide.tex

 presentation. If you have already created numerous presentations, you
 may wish to skip the first of the following steps 
 and only have a look at how to convert the |.tex| file into a
-|.pdf| of |.ps| file.
+|.pdf| or |.ps| file.
 \subsection{Step Zero: Know the Time Constraints}
   All ``structural'' elements, like titles, navigation bars, block
   titles, and so on, are typeset using the color
   |structure|. By default, this color is bluish. Using one of
-  the class options |red|, |gray|, or |brown|
+  the class options |red|, |blackandwhite|, or |brown|
   changes this. You can also change this color simply be redefining
   the color |structure|.
   to a reddish color.
   Changes the main color of the navigation and title bars
   to monochrome.

File examples/beamerexample1.pdf

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File examples/beamerexample1.tex

 % Use some nice templates