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 % Try the class options [notes], [notesonly], [trans], [handout],
 % [red], [compress], [class=article] and see what happens!
   Technical University of Berlin}
 \date[DLT 2003]{Developments in Language Theory Conference, 2003}
+\subsection{Part I: Review of Last Lecture}
+  \nameslide{outline}
   \frametitle{Part I: Review of Last Lecture}
+\subsection{Part II: Today's Lecture}
   \frametitle{Part II: Today's Lecture}
   \hyperlink{proofdetails}{\beamergotobutton{Proof details}}
-  \hypertarget{backfromproofdetails}{}
+  \nameslide{backfromproofdetails}
-  \hfill\hyperlink{backfromproofdetails}{\beamerreturnbutton{Return}}
+  \hfill\hyperlinkbackfromproofdetails{\beamerreturnbutton{Return}}
 \subsection{Improvements for Context-Free Languages}
 linear-space algorithms that need one megabyte of extra memory per
 input bit will typically be unhelpful from a practical point of view.
+  \begin{centering}
+    \leavevmode\insertslide[]{outline}\par
+  \end{centering}
+  \caption{The outline.}
+  \begin{centering}
+    \leavevmode\insertslide[]{backfromproofdetails}\par
+  \end{centering}
+  \caption{A jump back.}