Joseph Wright avatar Joseph Wright committed d8e49ee

Ensure movie autostart works with pdfTeX (fixes issue #188)

Thanks to Alexander Grahn for the analysis here. Essentially,
we should be using \pdfpageattr, but there are some odd things
going on. Rather than have to work through them, and risk breaking
other stuff, a separate annotation is used to control the autostart.
This should work with players that work with the original
inclusion method.

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 % $Header$
-\ProvidesPackage{multimedia}[2004/04/10 ver 0.01]
+\ProvidesPackage{multimedia}[2012/05/02 ver 0.02]
          /T (\mm@label) /Operation /Play >> >> >>}%
-        \pdfobj {<< /S /Movie /T (\mm@label) /Operation /Play >>}%
-        \pdfrefobj\pdflastobj%
-        \xdef\mm@pdfpageadditionalaction{/O \the\pdflastobj\space 0 R }%
+        \immediate\pdfobj {<< /S /Movie /T (\mm@label) /Operation /Play >>}%
+        \pdfannot width 0pt height 0pt depth 0pt {%
+          /Subtype/Widget
+          /FT/Btn/Ff 65537
+          /T (wid@\mm@label)
+          /AA <</PO \the\pdflastobj\space 0 R>>% attention: /O --> /PO for Widget annots
+        }%  
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