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Fix for issue #180: Add an option (to beamerarticle only) to disable auto-loeading of amssymb package.

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File base/beamerarticle.sty

 % See the file doc/licenses/LICENSE for more details.
-\ProvidesPackageRCS $Header$
+\ProvidesPackageRCS $Header: /Users/joseph/Documents/LaTeX/beamer/base/beamerarticle.sty,v 7063f09e9019 2010/05/01 16:39:27 rivanvx $

File base/beamerbasearticle.sty

 % See the file doc/licenses/LICENSE for more details.
-\ProvidesPackageRCS $Header$
+\ProvidesPackageRCS $Header: /Users/joseph/Documents/LaTeX/beamer/base/beamerbasearticle.sty,v 4a510a8c7341 2011/10/22 12:18:43 rivanvx $
 \DeclareOption{nodefaultblocks}{\beamer@blocksfalse}% obsolete. use notheorems

File base/beamerbasefont.sty

 % See the file doc/licenses/LICENSE for more details.
-\ProvidesPackageRCS $Header$
+\ProvidesPackageRCS $Header: /Users/joseph/Documents/LaTeX/beamer/base/beamerbasefont.sty,v f39336aafb3c 2010/10/26 18:09:31 rivanvx $
 % For \blacktriangleright; not explicitly required by article, but can cause
 % weird situations if users find that symbols works in presentation, but not
 % in article mode.
+% However, some classes or font packages clash with amssymb, so allow to
+% disable auto-loading optionally.

File base/beamerbasemodes.sty

 % See the file doc/licenses/LICENSE for more details.
-\ProvidesPackageRCS $Header$
+\ProvidesPackageRCS $Header: /Users/joseph/Documents/LaTeX/beamer/base/beamerbasemodes.sty,v efa082c6111d 2010/05/01 11:27:03 rivanvx $
 % Global Declarations used by beamer in all modes

File doc/beamerug-nonpresentation.tex

     \declare{|activeospeccharacters|} will leave the character code of the pointed brackets as specified by other packages. Normally, \beamer\ will turn off the special behavior of the two characters |<| and |>|. Using this option, you can reinstall the original behavior at the price of possible problems when using overlay specifications in the |article| mode.
+    \declare{|noamssymb|} will suppress the automatic loading of the |amssymb| package. Normally, \beamer\ will load this package since many themes use AMS symbols. This option allows you to opt-out from this behavior in article mode, thus preventing clashes with some classes and font packages that conflict with |amssymb|. Note that, if you use this option, you will have to care for yourself that |amssymb| or an alternative package is loaded if you use respective symbols.
+  \item
     \declare{|noamsthm|} will suppress the loading of the |amsthm| package. No theorems will be defined.
     \declare{|notheorem|} will suppress the definition of standard environments like |theorem|, but |amsthm| is still loaded and the |\newtheorem| command still makes the defined environments overlay-specification-aware. Using this option allows you to define the standard environments in whatever way you like while retaining the power of the extensions to |amsthm|.