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Fix issue #86 Little typo p.102 in beamer user guide (version 3.10).

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   You can give options to the |\tableofcontents| command by inserting a \TeX-mode text with the options in square brackets directly after the table of contents.
-  \begin{element}{sections/subsections in toc}\semiyes\no\no
+  \begin{element}{section/subsection in toc}\semiyes\no\no
     This is a parent template, whose children are |section in toc| and |subsection in toc|. This means that if you use the |\setbeamertemplate| command on this template, the command is instead called for both of these children (with the same arguments).
     If none of the above options suits you, you have to change the templates |section in toc| and |subsection in toc| directly.
-  \begin{element}{sections/subsections in toc shaded}\semiyes\no\no
+  \begin{element}{section/subsection in toc shaded}\semiyes\no\no
     A parent template with children |section in toc shaded| and |subsection in toc shaded|. They are used to render section and subsection entries when they are currently shaded; like all non-current subsections in |\tableofcontents[currentsubsection]|.
       In the default setting, the templates |section in toc shaded| and |subsection in toc shaded| just show whatever the nonshaded versions of these templates show, but only \meta{opaqueness}\% opaque. The default is 20\%.
-      |\setbeamertemplate{table of contents shaded}[default][50]| makes dimmed entries 50\% transparent.
+      |\setbeamertemplate{section in toc shaded}[default][50]| makes dimmed entries 50\% transparent.