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 1. Installing the beamer class:
-Put beamer.cls, *.sty, and beamericon* in a directory pointed to by 
-the TEXINPUTS variable. If you have not specified the TEXINPUT
-variable, specify something like ".:" or ".:/home/tex:". Do not forget
-to place a colon at the end (corresponding to an empty path), which
-will include all standard directories.
+For the impatient: 
-Alternatively, put the files in a texmf tree, for example at
-texmf/tex/latex/macros/contrib/beamer and run mktexlsr. 
+Put beamer.cls, *.sty, and beamericon* somewhere where TeX can find
+them. Also install the pgf latex package somewhere where TeX can find
-You will also need the pgf package. 
-You can test whether your installation works, by trying to run pdflatex
-on the file beamerexample.tex.
+Long version:
+In the user's guide, which you find in the file
+doc/beameruserguide.pdf, you will find a detailed explanation on how
+to install the beamer class.
 The beamer class is free software. It is distributed under the LaTeX
-Project Public License, Version 1.2,
+Project Public License, Version 1.2, 
+see, and
+under the GPL.
 3. Bugs, suggestions, contact with the authors
-Currently, please report bugs, suggestions, or new themes to 
-Till Tantau <>. 
+Go to to submit bug
+reports, request new features, etc.
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