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 At the end of this section you will find notes on how to include specific graphic formats like |.eps| or |.jpg|.
-You can use the usual ``Insert Graphic'' command to insert a graphic.
 The commands |\includegraphics|, |\pgfuseimage|, and |\pgfimage| are overlay-specification-aware in \beamer. If the overlay specification does not apply, the command has no effect. This is useful for creating a simple animation where each picture of the animation resides in a different file:
   Use |pstricks| and stick to |latex| and |dvips| or use some of the workarounds mentioned above.
-Inlined graphics must currently be inserted in a large \TeX-mode box. This is not very convenient.
 \subsection{Including Graphic Files Ending \texttt{.eps} or \texttt{.ps}}