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beamer / base / themes / outer / beamerouterthemedefault.sty

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Nicolas Dudebout
Enables customization of the note page look. The colors that were used in the note page were half hard coded and half inherited from other values. This has the unintended consequence to give some conflicting values. For example, setting a normal text foreground to white meant that the note page foreground was white with no way of setting a note page background to anything but white. The only recourse was to change the note page foreground to…
Joseph Wright
Show subsections for current section in TOC (fixes issue #220) The behaviour in use did not match the docs, which say that the text here should be shown and not faded. There is an argument for the older behaviour, but as this is explicitly mentioned in the docs should be right!
Vedran Miletić
Rearrange the folders in TL-consistent way.