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problem with the new miktex updates

Anonymous created an issue

I would like to thank the authors of beamer for such a useful package. I use it everyday! Unfortunately, I cannot compile anything with the new updates in MiKTex files. I get the error message

! Undefined control sequence. <argument> ...eamer@linkspace {6pt}\Hy@xspace@end \Hy@LinkMath \Hy@SaveSpace... l.11 \end{frame}

Any solutions?

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  1. Anonymous

    Me too. After Miktex update, when I try to compile this minimal example using pdflatex, I get

    ! Undefined control sequence.

    \hyper@link ...d@pdflink {#1}{#2}#3\Hy@xspace@end


    l.9 \end{frame}

    <pre> \documentclass{beamer}


    \begin{frame}{First Slide}

    Hello World!


    \end{document} </pre>

  2. Anonymous

    I'm using Miktex 2.9 64 bits, in Win7 64bit, and got the same error ! Undefined control sequence but the error appears only with the last update of Miktex, before that all my beamer files were working correctly. Hope someone in this forum could help.

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