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Starred version of \includegraphics

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I've been trying to include PDF graphics into my Beamer presentation using the starred version of {{{\includegraphics}}}. The reason is that I want to clip the picture and reveal it piece by piece. I can do it using the viewport and clip options of {{{\includegraphics}}}, but unfortunately, the image's position changes from one slide to the next. According to a graphicx tutorial, that's what the starred version of \includegraphics is supposed to fix (see, e.g., the "Cropping" section of Unfortunately, this is what Beamer tells me when I try to use {{{\includegraphics}}} : {{{ ! LaTeX Error: File `' not found. }}} I've seen a couple of discussions about this on the web, with no clear solution. For instance:

I'm using version 3.10 of Beamer (rcs-revision a6b1a8434d30) under OSX 10.6.8 from the 2011 TeXLive distribution.

Somehow I'm not able to determine if this issue has since been fixed or if there's a workaround.



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  1. Joseph Wright

    The * option for \includegraphics is simply a short-cut for the clip key. That said, it should really be supported. Unfortunately, the way that beamer currently sets up optional arguments makes handling this a bit tricky.

  2. Joseph Wright

    Allow for starred form of \includegraphics (fixes issue #152)

    Ideally, we'd either not have this at all or use something like xparse to deal with it properly. In the absence of an escape in either of those ways, an ugly hack is used.


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