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\setbeamercolor{math text} enlarges spacing in itemize environment

Anonymous created an issue

Try the following code with and without {{{\setbeamercolor}}}. The space between the {{{\item}}}s is larger with {{{\setbeamercolor}}}. I realize from the beamer user guide, chap. 17.3, that the "setup of this color is somewhat fragile." So this might be more a feature request than a bug report. {{{


\documentclass{beamer} \setbeamercolor{math text}{fg=blue!50!black} % compare without this




\item Model 1 [ \hat{y} = a + b x_1 ] \item Model 2 [ \hat{y} = b_0 + b_1 x_1 + b_2 x_2 ]



\end{document} }}}

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  1. Joseph Wright

    This is as the manual indicates due to the way colour works in LaTeX, as 'no colour at all' is different from 'the standard foreground colour'. The only 'fixes' here would alter a lot of other behaviour, and as this is not unique to beamer I don't feel that this is an appropriate change. I'm going with INVALID as it is 'not a beamer-specfic issue'.

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