Issue #192 resolved

beamer 3.18 with dvipdfmx breaks the shadow of block environments

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

Following code should show the problem:





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  1. Joseph Wright
    • changed status to open

    Okay, this is linked to the fix to #161, where the change uses pgf-based code to include a real transparency. I suspect the issue is that the back-end there cannot do real transparencies with the dvipdfmx back-end. I'll have to think about this: I guess I'll end up having to go for a driver-based conditional.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, I have encountered the same problem. I have to use latex + dvips (for I have to use PSTricks). I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible, for i have to give a lecture next weekend...


  3. Joseph Wright

    Back out use of real transparency of shadows

    This reopens issue #161 and closes issue #192

    The problem here is that while the code works for pdflatex, if fails with the latex + dvips + ps2pdf and latex + dvipdfmx routes. I suspect an issue here is actually with the pgf back-end, but for the moment we want something which at least works!


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