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miniframes and smoothbars don't show progress markers without subsections

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The outer themes miniframes and smoothbars normally display a row of filled and empty circles to show progress through the current subsection. However, if the document contains no subsections, this display is missing, even if the option [subsection=false] is used to suppress the display of subsection information. Example:




\useoutertheme[subsection=false]{miniframes} % \useoutertheme[subsection=false]{smoothbars} \usecolortheme{whale}


\section{Section} \subsection{Subsection} \begin{frame}{A slide} With content \end{frame}

\begin{frame}{Another slide} Different content \end{frame}



With the dummy \subsection command, the resulting slides have a progress indicator. Removing this line has no visible effect on the document structure, but the progress indicator disappears.

-- IDL

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  1. Joseph Wright

    OK, this is one of those 'What did Till actually intend?' problems: the current definition of \slideentry simply ignores the case where there are no subsections. I need to think about the correct change here: Till was pretty inconsistent with respect to sections.

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