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Issue #100 invalid

hyperlink inactive in [shrink] option

Anonymous created an issue

Dear rivanvx, I found that return button cannot work if I add [shrink] in the beginning of frame..This is sample:



\frame[shrink]{\frametitle{Primers} \hfill\hyperlink{fragments}{\beamergotobutton{Back}} \begin{table}[ht] .... }

}}} BUT, if I remove [shrink], I can press the Back button... Please help me how to solve it as I need both [shrink] and hyperlink to back to my main frame. Thank you...

Comments (4)

  1. Joseph Wright

    This is 'works for me' with minimal example

    \begin{frame}{Frame one}
    \begin{frame}[shrink]{Frame two}

    I'll close on this basis: reopen if you can provide an example showing the behaviour using the latest release.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello, I need some help from you. I want to add \begin{frame}[shrink] [label=ii] to shrink the frame and hyperlink in the same frame but there is a problem. Can you help me. Thank you everybody.

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