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Issue #105 duplicate

Changing footnote color also changes normal text color

Anonymous created an issue

When I change the footnote color in Beamer using something like \setbeamercolor{footnote}{fg=blue}, I end up also inadvertently changing the normal text color on all other slides. To make things even stranger, the normal text is correct only on slides that have footnotes.

Here's an example:



\documentclass{beamer} \setbeamercolor{footnote}{fg=blue}

\begin{document} \begin{frame} It seems like adding a footnote\footnote{Like this} will cause the normal text of subsequent slides to inherit the footnote's color. \end{frame}

\begin{frame} See? This text is now blue. \end{frame}

\begin{frame} Invoking another footnote\footnote{like this} will cause the fonts to return to normal color, at least for this slide. \end{frame}

\begin{frame} But this text will again be blue (the color of the footnotes)! \end{frame}



I am using MacTex 2010. (Originaly posted on tex.stackexchange, but users there suggested that it might be a bug and should also be reported here.)

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