Issue #111 wontfix

frames from inputed file 2 level deeps are lost

Matthieu Delahaye
created an issue

I wanted to write a beamer presentation using the same workflow as suggested in the documentation for the article mode. I have 4 files: main.beamer.tex: "\documentclass{beamer} followed by \input{main.tex}" main.article.tex: "\documentclass{article}, \usepackage{beamerarticle} and \input{main.tex}" main.tex: where the real document included.tex: A file included with "\include" or \input from main.tex, containing frames

Any \begin{frame}{title}...\end{frame} in the file "included.tex" are ignored when compiling with main.beamer.tex (no slides).

However: When compiling main.article.tex, I do get the frames in the article document when I substitute the content of "included.tex" for "\input{included.tex}", then each frames shows up.

I am kinda rusted with latex package coding but it seems that beamer may be changing \input behavior so that content is skipped.

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  1. Joseph Wright

    This works for me with the example

    Hello world
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