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Issue #117 resolved

frame number in references is wrong, when using subsections

A Mennucci
created an issue


if I use sections and subsections, then the frame number inserted by \ref-erencing to the label of another frame is wrong. The problem is that there is a counter called 'subsectionslide' that counts the number of slides since the last \subsection; the bug is that it is incremented by \refstepcounter, so this is what is (wrongly) associated to the label. I attach a test file showing the problem; and the patch (for beamer 3.10).


ps: this was posted as bug 2089504 in sourceforge, together with a patch, but the patch was never applied; I hope this time it is.

Comments (8)

  1. A Mennucci reporter

    For your convenience, here is an example short code (but I recommend at looking at the attached example)

      see frame \ref{HIframe}

    If you use \subsections in the document, then the numbers shown by \ref are wrong (see attachment example)


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