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Issue #118 resolved

sub/section number in references is wrong, when using AtBegin

A Mennucci
created an issue


in the attached example, the references to labels of sections and subsections are wrong.

The problem is that the LaTeX \section{sec3}\label{sec3} works by writing the content of \@currentlabel into the test.aux file. But if {{{ \AtBeginSection[]{ \begin{frame}<presentation>[plain] \frametitle{Outline of section} \tableofcontents[currentsection] \end{frame}} }}} is used, the 'frame' environment damages the value of \@currentlabel

The 'frame' environment should store the value of \@currentlabel somewhere and put it back when it ends. (Thats what all other LaTeX environment such as theorems and equations do).

I attach a test case, and a a patch.


ps: this was posted as bug 2089481 in sourceforge, together with a patch, but the patch was never applied; I hope this time it is.

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  1. A Mennucci reporter

    BTW: when I originally wrote the patches (for sourceforge), I solved the issues 117 and 118 alltogether; in presenting them here, I split it in two; but it may be the case that I got it wrong, so that you have to use both patches together to fix the issues. That is, I can guarantee that if you apply both patches in 117 and 118 , then the issues are fixed (I tested it); but I am not so sure that I splitted them right). a.

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