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Issue #135 wontfix

XeLaTeX and multimedia package not compatible

created an issue

As a linguist regularly using many non-standard characters, I am very happy with XeLaTeX's ability to understand Unicode. However, I was hoping to create a presentation with multimedia sound files linked into it using beamer class, and was very disappointed that the multimedia package is not compatible with XeLaTeX. Are there any work-arounds for this? Or plans to include XeLaTeX and multimedia compatibility in the future? I'm not sure if this should be considered a bug or an enhancement...

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  1. Joseph Wright

    I wonder if this is covered by the media9 package, which uses Flash (Acrobat only) to embed media. The problem for me with this issue is that the whole area of media inclusion is specialist, and looks better handled by a package rather than beamer.

  2. jeutzsch reporter

    Media9 is indeed my current workaround, and it does a ok job (I've only used it for audio files). However, as Joseph points out, it uses Flash, and thus only works with Acrobat as the pdf-viewer.

  3. Joseph Wright

    The reason for the WONTFIX is that there is no general solution that works with all PDF viewers, and it's also very much on the borderline of beamer's scope (Till wrote multimedia some years ago, and the situation now is very different regarding availability of support for media inclusion).

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