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Issue #137 resolved

Beamer manual: add example to "Incremental Specifications"

created an issue


in my opinion the offset feature in section 9.6.4 "Incremental Specifications" could use an example. To the last paragraph on page 91 the following should be added:

Among others, this can be used to start uncovering item on slide 2 as follows:

\begin{itemize}[<+(1)->] \item Apple \item Peach \item Plum \item Orange \end{itemize}

Bye, Mike

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  1. mike_km reporter


    well, there is not much to improve. But here is an MWE:

    \frametitle{Method 1}
    \item<2-> Apple
    \item<3-> Peach
    \item<4-> Plum
    \item<5-> Orange
    \frametitle{Method 2}
    \item Apple
    \item Peach
    \item Plum
    \item Orange

    Methods 1 and 2 produce the same result. But I read the section in the manual at least 3 times until I even noticed that "Incremental Specifications" may be useful for starting to uncover item from slide 2 on.

    Bye, Mike

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