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Error when using with TexLive on FreeBSD 8.2

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I've used the beamer class quite often during my studies. But today I tried to compile one of my documents on a freebsd system using the current texlive distribution and I get the following errors:

1. {{{ ! Undefined control sequence. \beamer@frameslide ...duration=}\thispdfpagelabel {\insertframenumber } \xde... l.31 \end{frame} }}} 2. {{{ ! Undefined control sequence. \beamer@TMPL@frametitle ...title right} \pgfrect [clip]{\pgforigin }{\pgfpo... l.31 \end{frame}

? ! Emergency stop. \beamer@TMPL@frametitle ...title right} \pgfrect [clip]{\pgforigin }{\pgfpo... l.31 \end{frame}

End of file on the terminal! }}}

I solved the first error by defining {{{ \providecommand\thispdfpagelabel[1]{} }}} in my document source.

As for the 2'nd one the pgf package is installed.

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  1. Vedran Miletić repo owner

    This is really weird, as the code using this macro does nothing when macro is undefined.

    % base/beamerbaseframe.sty, lines 68-69

    It must be some higher level stuff calling this macro. If you can provied a minimal example, we can take a look, but it seems for now like this is not a Beamer bug.

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