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Issue #151 open

previous slide (not really) on second screen

created an issue

The code



\setbeameroption{previous slide on second screen} }}}

(as in Section 22.3 of the manual) does not really do what it says it does. If a slide is uncovered in several steps, then the previous step is shown on the second screen, not the previous slide. This is much less likely to be useful. I have looked at the code but do not understand it well enough to suggest a fix.

I have attached a minimal example.

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  1. Joseph Wright
    • marked as minor
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    The entire pgfpages-based notes/two screens business is awkward, and I suspect needs reworking from scratch. I'm going to mark this as 'minor' priority as fixing it is not going to happen any time soon (there are other bugs and feature requests which have to be deal with more urgently, and I have other things to do too!).

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