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Issue #159 invalid

beamer breaks with \includepdf in a frame

Cristian Consonni
created an issue

Compiling with pdflatex the attached file "example-beamer-frame.tex": $ pdflatex example-beamer-frame.tex gives an error, after couple of enters it finishes successfully anyway. See "output.txt" for the output.

If the \includepdf is given with no frame (see "example-beamer.tex" attached) no problem arise.

I'm using pdflatex from texlive-full v. 2009-11 on Ubuntu 11.04.


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  1. Joseph Wright
    • changed status to open

    Could you add your test PDF file (I'd like to stick to exactly your example). Also, you you add \listfiles to both examples, compile them and add the two .log files (so I can check file versions, etc.).

  2. Joseph Wright

    Both examples compile for me, with the latest beamer version and the latest pdfpages. There is nothing in recent beamer changes that would suggest a fix for something in this area, but then I can't see a mention of the issue in the changelog for pdfpages either. As your TeX installation is >2 years out of date, it's possible that this could be caused by 'something else' (for example a graphics driver change).

    You could try downloading beamer and pdfpages from CTAN, and doing a local installation.

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