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Issue #162 open

Multi-line \author support, aligned in columns

Josh Triplett
created an issue

Various LaTeX document classes support multi-line authors, which can look something like this:

{{{ Josh Triplett Author Two Portland State University Institute of Examples josh@joshtriplett.org author2@example.org }}}

To produce this, those document classes usually accept markup like this: {{{ \author{ Josh Triplett\ Portland State University\ \email{josh@joshtriplett.org} \and Author Two\ Institute of Examples\ \email{author2@example.org} } }}}

I'd like to have something similar on the title page of my Beamer presentation, without having to manually construct it myself.

Comments (2)

  1. Joseph Wright
    • changed status to open

    Beamer currently follows the LaTeX default behaviour in terms of \author syntax. Now, that is somewhat limited, but any change in beamer at this stage would alter the formatting of existing documents and also break compatibility with the article class. I'll leave this open, but I'm not really keen on this change in the context of a long-established document class.

  2. Josh Triplett reporter

    The default "article" document class has exactly the behavior I described. The following markup produces multi-column output as described:

    Josh Triplett\\
    Portland State University\\
    Author Two\\
    Institute of Examples\\
    \date{October 17, 2011}

    The same \author markup in Beamer produces something more like this:

    Josh Triplett
    Portland State University
    josh@joshtriplet.org  Author Two
    Institute of Examples

    So Beamer doesn't seem to follow the LaTeX default behavior.

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