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Issue #163 resolved

subsubsection shortname seems discarded

Anonymous created an issue


it seems that the "short name" of subsubsections is used if and only if the real name is empty (hence will not appear in the TOC). I tested it with the version of beamer provided by texlive2009; although, by looking at the code, it seems that the behaviour would be similar with the current version.

In the file beamerbasesection.sty, in the definition of \beamer@subsubsection, lines 329-330 that add the info into the nav file use the \subsubsecname which is defined as the long title #2 (except when empty), instead of #1 (the short title).



Mathieu Sassolas (mathieu DOT sassolas AT lip6 DOT fr)

PS: I know that subsubsections are discouraged.

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  1. Anonymous


    is this problem of short subsubsection name solved? I would like to insert the subsusbsection shortname in my sidebar but it isn't possible.... the long title is always present.

    How can I solve this problem? In the file beamerbasesection.sty, the definition of \beamer@subsubsection is very similar to the definition of \beamer@subsection, I haven't see any inversion of #2 and #1.

    Best regards

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