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Hello, thanks but totally confused

Anonymous created an issue

Hi, Thank you for developing Beamer. I am trying to obtain and install beamer. But your page doesn't have anything that says obtain, install, download or anything. Where is actual Beamer itself and how would I get it? This site is very confusing to a lay person. Please help. Best, Art

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  1. Anonymous

    Sorry I see "get source" now. I thought that was the source of this webpage. This is a directory. What do I do with this directory? I am sure this is a dumb question and there instructions, but I cannot figure out where the instructions are.

  2. Anonymous

    Where do I find pgf?? someone said it was on this site.

    How awesome it would be to get to the site and it says, "Welcome, click here to download and install Beamer." "You will also need something called PGF, which you click here to install." "And you need xcolor, which you click here to install." Anyway, I am confused but still grateful for your hard work. Thanks. Where do I find pgf?? someone said it was on this site.

  3. Joseph Wright

    Downloading beamer directly is not usually a good idea: this is a development version. Both MiKTeX (on Windows) and TeX Live (cross-platform) include both beamer and the various support packages.

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