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miniframe navigation without using subsections

Anonymous created an issue

Dear Joseph,

I have a small question about the miniframe outer theme. Unfortunately these little bullets for each slide are only drawn, if there is at least one subsection in every section of the presentation.

So also in the following minimal example:




\usepackage[ngerman]{babel} \usepackage{lmodern}



\section{erster Abschnitt}


\begin{frame}{erste Folie} Inhalt \end{frame}

\begin{frame}{zweite Folie} Inhalt \end{frame}

\end{document} }}}

the bullets are correctly drawn. But if the subsection-command is removed, the bullets disappear.

Is this a wanted behaviour of the beamer package that every section has to have at least one (even empty) subsection for the bullets to appear?

This behaviour is also not documented in the beamer user guide.

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