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Issue #173 resolved

Warsaw theme conflicting with Infolines

Anonymous created an issue

When using the infolines outer theme with the Warsaw theme, the frametitle cuts off the top infolines slightly. When using sections and subsections, part of the text is cut off in the top infolines.

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  1. Anonymous

    Apparently this is still an issue with the latest version 3.16. See the following question on TeX.SE including a picture of the problem: http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/51518/warsaw-theme-frame-title-bar-covers-top-infolines

    Minimal working example to reproduce the problem:

    % manual fix
    % \addtobeamertemplate{headline}{}{\vskip2pt}
    \section{Section with descenders: gg}
    \subsection{They are clipped: yy}
    \frametitle{Frame title}

    Unfortunately I can't add a picture of the output here, but you can see the one in the question mentioned above to get an impression.

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