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Issue #183 invalid

Problem with beamer and pgfpages using current version of texlive

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Sorry, if this bug shall be reported to texlive or pgf.

Today i have upgraded my debian-linux (unstable) to a current version of texlive (2011/2012). Before that, i have used version 2009. As an additional info: i have to use the latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf workflow to create my presentations, as i also need psfrag.

Since upgrade beamer and pgfpages are not compatible anymore. The physical page width/height is not updated to the geometry specified in the pgf-layout. With version 2009 of texlive everything has been working correct. Curiously, I realized that the pure pdflatex workflow with texlive (2011/12) is working as expected!

This happens with beamer 3.10 (i have tried 3.15 as well) and pgf 2.10.

Best regards Volker Christian

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi, thank you for your reply and sorry for my late reply!

    Here is a small examle: Please TeX it once with pdflatex and once with the latex-dvips-ps2pdf workflow. If you can recognize differences between the results, you will see what i mean. If you don't notice differences, than my installation is somewhat broken. For me, the result after pdflatex is correct ...

    Currently my environment looks like: OS: Debian unstable TeXLive: 10.4.2012

    After downgrading TeXLive to a previous version (i think it was a 2009-version -- yes, pretty old, i know, but debian didn't offer a more recent version other than those from 2012) everything works like a charm!

    Best regards Volker Christian

    \pgfpagesuselayout{4 on 1}[a4paper,landscape,border shrink=5mm]
    \begin{frame}{Testframe 1}
    This is a test
    \item First Item
    \item Second Item
    \begin{frame}{Testframe 2}
    Another test
    \item First Item
    \item Second Item
  2. Joseph Wright

    I've gone back over our history to the first updates by Vedran: no sign of any change in the behaviour. So this is not due to a change in beamer: it must be pgf. That makes it INVALID for us, sorry.

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