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Problem with multiple language in babel

created an issue

When many language options are requested in babel, the language used in beamer is never the last one but the previous one.

The following code should show the problem. In the produced document, one should see something like "Partie" the french word for "Part" and not "Teil" which is the the german one.

By using only one language (or none) in Babel optional parameter, the problem is avoided.

You can reach me at the address "rhino64@postmail.ch" for further details or test.




\usepackage[german,french]{babel} \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} %\usepackage{hyperref} %\usepackage{tikz} %\usepackage{colortbl} %\usepackage{yfonts} %\usepackage{translator} % comment this, if not available

%Insère la page introductive de chaque partie. \AtBeginPart{\frame{\partpage}}

\lecture{Test of Bug}{tes-bug} \def\lecturename{Test Bug}


\author{The Tester}

\institute { The Tester\ Testing Place }


% Beamer version theme settings


\begin{document} \begin{frame} \maketitle \end{frame} \part{Partie 1} \section{Section 1} \subsection{subsection 1} \section{2} \part{Partie 2} \section{Section 3} \end{document} }}}

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  1. Joseph Wright

    I see exactly the same if you 'split' the language options between the document class and package optional arguments when using the book class. So I'd say it's either a babel bug or an issue with the way the input is set up, depending on your point of view.

  2. rhino64 reporter

    (Reply via rhi...@postmail.ch):

    Hi, I have yet a better diagnostic: the problem arise if you specify the main language as a class option. In that case, the "beamer" language is always the one before the last parameter (if the last parameter is the same language as the one in the class option).

    If you omit the class option for the language, the "beamer" language is the last babel option.

    I hope this help. At least I was able to circumvent this bug with this trick.

    best regards,


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