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Issue #193 resolved

subsubsections are missing in ToC when using sections= option

created an issue


For a large lecture (600+ slides) I need ToC slides that show the ToC only for the current section, including all subsections and subsubsections.

However, apparently this does not work. When I pass the sections={<number>} option to \tableofcontents the result is a ToC that shows all subsections, but only the subsubsections of one subsection. In the MWE this is always the content of the first subsubsection, but in my larger lecture slides document, it is (for whatever reason) always the second subsubsection.

When I remove the sections option, everything works as expected.

I have tried beamer version 3.10. as well as the recent version 3.17


    \tableofcontents[subsectionstyle=show/show/show, subsubsectionstyle=show/show/show, #1]


\section{Lecture 1}

\InsertToC[sections={\thesection}]  % shows only subsubsections of one subsection
\subsection{Topic 1}

\subsection{Topic 2}
\InsertToC                         % shows subsubsections of all subsections