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Issue #202 wontfix

beamerarticle issue with pgf

created an issue

There is a problem with pgf:

a node with rectangle split is formatted correctly for a beamer presentation, but the line breaks disappear when formatted for a printed version based on beamerarticle.

I attach 3 files: 1. a master file for the presentation 2. a master file for the article output 3. an example file read by the two fils above

Because I heavily rely on beamerarticle, the priority is major for me

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  1. Joseph Wright

    The problem here is nothing to to with pgf: you can see the same issue with a simple \vbox{Hello\\World}. Tracking it backward, it seems that \\ has a definition which depends on whether it is used in a frame when beamerarticle is in use, but has a fixed definition with just beamer - in beamerbaseframe.sty you find

        \csname\expandafter\@gobble\string\\ \endcsname% evil trickery to add a space to the name

    The issue can be fixed using


    after loading beamerarticle.

    What I can't work out is why Till set things up this way: there are no comments in the source. I'm therefore very wary of making a change here at this stage (beamer is in very wide use). I will see if I can get some people to test this change out on a variety of files.

  2. J_Hoffmann reporter

    (Reply via j.ho...@fh-aachen.de):

    Hi Joseph,

    thank you very much for your support, for me the issue is fixed. I've checked the correction at another document and it's also ok.

    Kind regards Jobst Hoffmann

  3. Joseph Wright

    I've worked out why Till did this. The logic in beamer is that \\ should be used a lot in slides to set up line breaks. As such, in article mode it makes sense to ignore such breaks inside frames, but not outside them (where the text is only for handouts anyway). I guess that makes it 'not a bug' => WONTFIX, although I realise this is awkward.

  4. J_Hoffmann reporter

    (Reply via j.ho...@fh-aachen.de):

    Am Dienstag, den 11.09.2012, 12:58 +0000 schrieb Joseph Wright:

    I understand the logic and it's ok for me, because you showed me a way to surround this issue.

    Thank you for your support!

    Kind regards Jobst Hoffmann

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