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Issue #203 resolved

beamerarticle issue with struktex (and sidecap)

created an issue

There is a problem with pgf:

a nassi shneiderman chart is formatted correctly for a beamer presentation, but the lines disappear when formatted for a printed version based on beamerarticle.

I attach 3 files: 1. a master file for the presentation 2. a master file for the article output 3. an example file read by the two files above

There is also a problem with the sidecap package: formatting for a presentation is ok (I've added some code stolen from sidecap), but the article version is broken:

! Undefined control sequence. <argument> \@EverySelectfont@Init.

is the message, where the formatting process stops.

Because I heavily rely on beamerarticle, the priority is major for me

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