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Issue #216 resolved

\footnote[frame] restricts footnotes to the width of the first column

created an issue

Footnotes created with \footnote[frame]{...} are justified to the width of the first column. This is not indicated in the documentation, and seems illogical: if a footnote is to be displayed at the bottom of the slide then it should have the use of the whole slide width. Example:





\begin{frame}{\textbackslash foonote[frame] with columns} \begin{columns} \column{0.5\columnwidth} Left column \column{0.5\columnwidth} Right column\footnote[frame]{This footnote gets wrapped to the width of the left column, even though it was created with \texttt{\textbackslash foonote[frame]}.} \end{columns} \end{frame}

\begin{frame}{\textbackslash foonote[frame] without columns} Full-width text\footnote[frame]{This footnote gets to use the whole width of the slide.} \end{frame} \end{document}


I've tested this for the current MikTeX 2.9 beamer: $Header: /Users/joseph/Documents/LaTeX/beamer/base/beamer.cls,v 70f9d8411e54 2011/09/12 18:58:34 joseph $

A simple but ugly workaround is to wrap the footnote in an mbox or minipage.


-- IDL

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